Book Club Mini Planner Stickers

Book Club Mini Planner Stickers

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Book Club mini sheet sticker kit! These stickers are super cute and are an assortment of icons, reading trackers, meeting markers and more. These stickers are great for functional planning in smaller planners or for planners with a lot to do and not enough space! These stickers will work extremely well in personal and pocket size planners as well as the mini happy planner. Great for use in travelers notebooks too! 

These will be individually kiss-cut stickers that are easy peel and are ready to go into your planner or on your calendar!

Each sticker is smaller than the size of a dime.

This listing includes ONE sheet of stickers!

These stickers come printed on matte, repositionable matte, or glossy sticker paper

They are best written on with a ballpoint pen, fineliner, or fine tipped sharpie

Sheet measures: 3.5" x 5"

This listing is for the above sheets only.

Colors may vary slightly due to printing, variation in ink, and platform viewed on.